My days as pet entrepreneur Day 1

I left my anesthesia residency. The work environment was not only brutal but unhealthy people wise. I was sad to leave only because I don’t know what my future will hold but not because I will never become an anesthesiologist. I didn’t dislike the job. I feel if I have the right people, I will thrive. I left NYC, which is my favorite city. I was sad. On the day of my birthday, i was forced to scrub clean my apartment floor so they won’t charge me. I felt like cindrella, being kicked out of NYC. I shared made by Melissa with mom. It was a small cup cakes. and Cuccino and Son’s dinner was god aweful. The lamb was bad. The decor was beautiful, but the food was not so good nor was the amount. Again, I didn’t feel too good I didn’t make it in NYC. On my 32nd’s birthday. I didn’t have a boyfriend. I was chubby. The goal for me was to lose weight, which I lost 8 pounds once I got back from Taiwan. And I flew to Hawaii. Hoping to make it big in the biotech world……to be continue.


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