Stairway to heaven

October 8th. I woke up at 2 am. Oanh and Tamara were already up. I was psyched and tired at the same time. I brought the new backpack with me and unfourtunately I forgot my headline which is important. I would bring headlight, gloves (optional) and water and extra socks and wind breaker jacket and longer yoga pant, nice shoes.

We drove about 30 minutes from wakiki into the neighborood. Makena st and kuneki street where the gate is. People have to pass around the gate and take a long long hike down the darkness. The road is nicely paved and I would have prefer to go with other hikers since the road is very very dark. WE then go into the hike striaght for a while and met about 2 forks down the road. We had to go long hike to two left turns at two fork which are shown in google map and it will take you under the H3 freeway. THe hardest part is finding the green opening to the hike that will allow you to go under the H3 freeway. It was the second green opening on your left side, which has bamboo trees. Then you will hike more and see the H3 pillars and opening to the fence where a lot of people go in through the entrance. A easier way to go into the hike is through another gate at puoni pL at the third house and you will see haikgu gate sign and it will take you right through a service road along the curve and when you go through you will follow H3 and the second opening into the dense jungle road for 3 minutes (creepy) then you will see the gate right there, underneath the pillar. THe stairs is very hidden and we pass another gate to go in. Then the first section of the stairs up to the platform is a killer. It was nice at first then quickly go very steep, and you will think wow, is this going to be like this? The rest is a little easier especially after you finish the first one and the second one is a little flatter and the third one is even flatter. We had to pass through 5 platform but the 3 to 5th platform are very close the fifth one is probably the second most difficult because the wind and cloud (raining). It was very very cold (like nYC) upstairs with wind howling and we were hiding in a bunker or the satellite tower. The night view of the H3 freeway was gorgeous like two golden dragons THe city of kailua was sprinkling with lights . I had to stop a few times to get water because the stairway especially the first section is very very steep and long. You will say to yourself what have you gotten yourself into. And you can’t see how far you are up and you are probably not even half way at the first platform. The top section is actually a bit more flat, with long plates instead of stairs but it was still hard due to wind but our wind and weather was fine today, and just very light drizzle because small section of the cloud. As the sun comes up, we couldn’t see anything. So we slowly made our way down, since people are leaving. We were hiking down into the valley probably around third section that was when the sun comes up behind the cloud and it was the most gorgeous view I have ever seen of sunrise. THe light burst through the cloud. We had prayer to enjoy the land and view and our prayer was answered. The land of Hawaii was magical and welcoming. We thanked the spirit of the land and the Lord for the opportunity. We were having group hug on the fourth platform because it was cold and to the summit or the fifth platform the wind was just unrentless. A couple of boys even took out their shirts and stood in the wind for a while. I was like omg u guys are crazy, put the shirts on. Oanh reminded me that it was their passage to being a man haha….We really couldn’t see anything through the cloud so people recommend us go down. between third and platform, wind start blowing the cloud upward through us and we were directly facing the valley and H3 on our left. The cloud were flying pass us in super fast speed and you see the valley clearing. IT was like a world just being revealed to us. Mother nature is even more better designer than us. You will think you are in heaven when the cloud pass you. There is a reason why it’s called stairway to heaven. H3 and look out is just amazingly gorgeous. IT was even better than the pali look out even though pali lookout was awesome like an old battle field. The stairs itself is just gorgeous along the ridge like a small gorgeous chain. When u go down, you don’t feel as though it was a vertical drop. We were on the platform for a while doing all kinds of crazy pose and pick up trash after other hikers. I thought it was too beautiful to leave trash behind. Tamara and Oanh were dancing and Oanh were imitating me dancing from the museum. haha. I remember asking God what I should do with my life. And I am not sure I have an answer besides that I really like what I doing right now and I love Hawaii….it’s bad but I love it. I almost trying to deny that I love Hawaii. I love the Hiking, and I am always busy. haha. Busy with ukulele, diving and others. I remember sitting on the stairs for a while thinking about life. It was just a few seconds and it was great because no one else can answer for me. But I love being a VC/entrepreneur. I guess passion is not the key but not giving up through hardship is. Passion is just a start like the idea of going on the hike was a start then we went through hardship and fear to find the road to success and when we go to the top, I couldn’t believe we were at the top and when we come down I couldn’t believe I went all the way up the ridge. It was seemingly humanly impossible but I did and I grateful to the INA (land) and the Lord for the amazing morning, wonderful friendship, and togetherness of the girls to finish the hike. I was super scared that animals were jumping around as branches were breaking around us, despite the fact that Tamara said there were no big animals in Hawaii. I also heard clapping sound as if there were spirits behind me clapping to urge me on. I heard it 4 times and Oanh reminded me it must be the paper clipboard flapping behind my backpack, which does kind of sound like it but even when I heard the fourth time, I couldn’t help but quickly get up to the be next to the girls. If heaven and spirits were urging me on through this journey then I am grateful for them urging me even if it was just paper flapping behind me. =D No one can tell u what to think but yourself.


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