Understanding term sheet, how I stop my hobby of facebook and people magazine and start reading something that is technical and completely foreign to a economic illiterate like me.



I am a doctor, an MD to be exact. And I have to say this degree gives me no knowledge of what is outside of human body. I can’t do my tax until this year. I have no knowledge of a lot of economic things. And my hatred for money and business mainly stemmed from an economics class in high school. I had gotten a B in my HS economics class with stock simulation. I had hated ever since. For a person with personality A, it  was a huge defeat for me. I absolutely horrified when I have gotten a grade of B. However, as we all know, life is not determined by grades. This lesson is not really accepted by the then high school me. I have shunned from economics topic and deemed that I too idiotic to figure it out. I hated math, and I am not sure how I did well in physics, math and chemistry. I love arts, literature, and history. I am not really a science person except for biology which was well suited for me because it had pictures and biology has beautiful story of life itself. I can create romantic comedy in my sleep and I am not good test taker so I am not sure how I become a doctor either. I must have done something right to get into medical school. My grades are good enough to be a doctor but I have always hated taking tests. Nevertheless, I love medical knowledge.  Human body like biology tells you a beautiful story and if you didn’t think God exist, the amount of work to take a cell to work or a human body to work is just astonishing. It will make you believe there is a designer. Human body is an island to itself but real world is a society and human interactions bewilders me. My interest from molecular biology suddenly becomes obsolete even though molecular biology studies how cells interact amidst its environment.  I can easily lose myself in the lab. I would be happy not to do paper work and not seeing patients and just go on my merry way of thinking about how to solve problems in the world in the lab. Then I realize the cruel reality that being a researcher don’t pay. THe constant nagging feeling that I can’t afford my staff in the lab, and having to ask bankrupt U.S government to fund research for tiny cells don’t appeal to me. I mean if U.S government has money, they would not have make poor researchers’ lives unbearable. Many researchers were forced out of job when i think their job is so admirable and science should be supported because it was science that made U.S the greatest nation on earth. THen I decided I want to be a researcher but in a private world. I want to invent my own things and not really work for a specific medical device company. I want to be the cuter asian girl version of ELON MUSK. Leaving a comfortable job of anesthesiology training is probably the worst feeling ever. I have doubts. I prayed I would leave with courage. I prayed that people fire me haha…because the lift of anesthesia will be comfortable and my mind would be lazy. Then I realize you can’t live your life pretending you love something or for comfort only. I had the privilege of mother supporting my ideas that I would go intern to venture capital place without pay. HAHA really really funny. I am still scared. I can’t believe I got the free pay internship. When I am in the venture world I feel I lost myself too. I am not bored. I am amazed. Term sheet is really hard. I have no business background to understand all these slew of information. But if you love something, it will come to you. My professor told me if you love something, money will come. Money hasn’t come yet, but I found love even doing it for free so I can learn. Is that crazy or what. 


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