music taste

my music taste has become younger and younger. IT starts from Liszt, Chopin of the ROmantic period to Rachmanoff of neoclassical period to jazz of the 1920’s. THen my anesthesiologists attending swear by the greatness of the grateful dead, which I am completely hooked…supporting fellow californians. Now I appreciate pearl Jam, grateful dead to dave Matthew band….I feel my music taste is getting younger and wilder. Despite the fact that I still haven’t really catch up to the new music of the “now.”  lol  I abhor the new music background of imagine dragon….haha..i don’t like the electric sound background….and i am mesmerized by the rock guitarist’ technicality of the 60’s and 80’s…it’s such a high to listen to their guitar and sultry sexy hoarse voice of the rockers. 


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