SNOOPY explorer.

I took time off from facebook to focus more on myself. I prayed quite a bit. I found a picture of Snoopy as explore with woodstock. It immediately struck a chord with me. And as I reflect on my life here are the lessons I learned throughout my quiet time. 

1. My life is meant to be an adventure and I am the explorer. 

2. When everyone look at one direction it doesn’t mean the answer is in that direction. The answer might be in another direction and it takes gut and bold vision/ dream to go the other way. And the decision might not be a easy one but I sure hope my instinct is not the worst in the world nor would I wish I ever regret follow my instinct. 

3. When life throws  you a lemon you make a lemonade, and when life gets tough you keep on plowing ahead. 

4. Hopefully one day I would find my woodstock to share my vision, my dream and my adventure in the road less traveled. Because I am sure I would be bored on my own without sharing. And I would be sure to be with someone who is stagnant and not free spirited. 

5. Die Luft der Freiheit weht, The wind of freedom blows ( I am glad I went to this school for grad school so I can learn this German phrase and rest of my classes for my life lesson). 

6. ON Love and WAR and LOSS. If Love is war. I surely lost a big battle, but hopefully I will have a chance to fight another day. NO one say love is easy or simple…..but I  hope it’d be easy and simple one day.

7. Read authobiography of great people of our time. CLinton and Steve jobs. First is that they went through things you went through. 2. they share the insight of how it happens and why it happens looking back on their life. 3. If they didn’t go through the things you go through, hopefully you learn from the lessons of their hardship so you don’t make the same mistakes and make things better. 

8. Learn to laugh and learn to love during hard time. IF u ever feel hopeless…do pray…it always gets answered even if you don’t think it will. 

9. Live like a firefly…make your life “Brilliant” while it last. 




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