while I am sitt…

while I am sitting in starbucks, lamenting how difficult my life is trying to figure out this stupid statistics questions. It dawns on me that it will be useful for me to analyze data in the future. I am yearning for a life in business and biotechnology but maybe this is my golden period..just uninterrupted opportunity to get my brain juice going….count my blessing when I have no distraction of babies and man to make me have wander thoughts….a love loss maybe a blessing in disguise to expand my creativity or so i thought….and I listened to etta james’s song, i just cry and cry when I heard the church bell ring…and I decided not to cry but to make sure I shine brighter than the other woman on the alter…and make sure man regret not marrying me…lol gosh i hope I don’t become a revengeful bitch but free spirited entrepreneur..hopefully one day successful. 



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