starting the book…turn right at Macchu Picchu

I don’t know if it is the fact that I just turned 31 that my quarter life crisis hit me. I have no real job (a residency) that I am on the brink of losing because I did not pass step 3. I have no real life, since I have to study for step 3 and I have not dated for years because I was in buffalo and when I was in LA I was too busy with myself. I start to want to see the world and my adventure sense is tingling. Just like Adam, the author of the book, who is a manager at National geographics’ adventure (who holds no adventure role), yearning more than an adventurous life. I do too. It’s an escape from reality. My reality is far far more stressful than I thought. One of my professor call it a field of pilot. I always thought plastic surgeons are sculptors or seamstress since they are always sewing. Orthopedics are handyman (chopping or fixing bones). Colorectal surgeons are plumbers. Maybe I should go out there and write my own book. A physican’s escape to her bucket list. How interesting would that be. A resident who decided to see the world before the real work begin, before the family or god forbid babies come along. lol Am I too naive that I should get married? I just don’t feel ready. LIke Katy perry, a baby should not have baby and I don’t feel ready to date and find someone and get married when I feel I have never have the luxury of freedom except studying…..alrite enough vent and I will go back to step 3 with occasional peek at my new found love of the book. It’s so nice to quit facebook and have time to read now. Eventually I will find time to force myself to exercise.


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