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Founder’s Dilemma Note

1. More wealth may mean less control.
2. Age doesn’t determine when you become successsful entrepreneur.
3. MOre experience you have with your field means you can hire less experienced person.
4. Less experienced you have working in your field means you might join another person or get more experienced team involved.
5. Risk averse does not determine whether people considering becoming founder.
6. Early influence will push someone toward or away from founding a company.
7. founder often lack ldeep management or business experience.
8. Business degree likely to start one on his or her own.

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Risk vs follow your dreams

McNeely sums it up poignantly, “So, the question is; Do we stand up and take the risks and have a blast enjoying our passions? Or, do we hide in the shadows, being afraid of what might happen if we are so bold to follow our dreams? (coffee review)

ennifer Shen Wow didn’t know Taiwan has many of the best rated coffee. I wouldn’t be surprised since Taiwan mountain range has high enough altitidue and we have many fruits (bananas) and exotic flowers grow in Taiwan. I guess I was right when I talked to a roaster (thanks to Sega and Esme), “why is my coffee taste so good?” It had this flowery mellow taste, and the beans were from Hua lien I-lan region. Rated in the 90’s by coffee review. Rarely do I taste flowery tasty beans when most of the coffee fruits have acidic taste. And most of the world most expensive coffee beans are rated by its jolt and acidicity for competition . Americans also like their coffee stronger too not its mellowness, so Kona coffee despite its greatness is not as popular (too mellow like rest of the lovely Hawiians). Starbucks choose its beans purposely with strong and bold taste so you will go day after day, paying that 4 to 5 dollars a cup (more expensive than gas) without blinking.


Kona coffee

Largest London lego snow globe.

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